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Soccer Nerd Dream Comes True

My hero retiring made me realize that I hadn’t blogged about THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. But, first, Abby WambachView full post »

Weekly Roundup

Thought I’d try blogging my favorite shots for the week here…on my blog. Not just posting on facebook, butView full post »

Vibe Dance Company {Shoot and Branding, Atlanta Area Commercial Photographer}

What a fun shoot this was….65 girls dancing…..loved capturing their energy!View full post »

Katie and Kai Got Married {Atlanta Area Wedding Photographer}

What a wonderful day this was… at home, farm wedding. I cannot tell you how beautiful this setting, bride, dayView full post »

Grey Matter Life.

My friend Jennifer has a MRI’s every three months. She needs them to check on the brain tumor that she lovinglyView full post »

Oh Lardy {Atlanta Area Commercial Photographer}

Back in the pretty fall months, I had the great chance to photograph the exceptionally beautiful ladies who put out theView full post »

Uffda and the Westphal Family {Atlanta Area Family Photography}

So, I learned a new word at my session at the Westphals, originally of North Dakota. Uffda. A few details… I walkView full post »

Molly Jane Designs {Atlanta Area Commercial Photographer}

Molly designs some amazing jewelry. Check it out herehere. My job was to capture just how amazing it is. We shot in myView full post »

A Giveaway {Joshua Zello Phototgraphy}

Thanks so much to Joshua Zello Photography for hosting this giveaway…all details are below! Who doesn’t loveView full post »

A giveaway!

Who doesn’t love those? Seriously, I am pretty sure (fully sure) this class is going to rock. Hard. Like FooView full post »

What _____ looks like | March Edition

March? Seriously.  Wow.  Winter flew by….it was December and I blinked…now March. Let me preface this postView full post »

What games look like…

Very inspired and humbled to be asked to be a part of this project in 2013. A wonderfully talented group ofView full post »

Clickin Moms Breakout Giveaway

I am so excited (and more than a little scared, too…will it sell?  will people like it?  will they throw virtualView full post »

Not the best vacation ever. {Personal}

alternate title “how i became intimately involved with the rental house toilet”. alternate title 2 “View full post »