There are cows on the highway…and other spring break shots. {personal}

So, we love Colorado.

And as much as I love, love the beach, there’s something about that Colorado air (no humidity!) and those mountains. We decided to go out for this year’s spring break and had an awesome time. The girls loved it and hung in well for the hikes we did (we did a lot of hiking for little legs).

We were quite unlike our normally lazy vacation selves for this trip. No afternoon naps in the hammock, if you know what I mean (just to clarify, our normal vacation eating selves were in full force.)

Denver to Louisville to Boulder to Moab, UT to Grand Junction and back to Denver in six days. We definitely made the most of our time there. The Denver Zoo, Arches National Park, Pearl Street Mall, the Colorado Monument, a store in Moab that sold tuxedos and offered FedEx/UPS services….all highlights. As was visiting my brother in sister in law in Grand Junction. So nice to see those guys!


And one with me in it…just to prove I was actually there. 🙂