Week 10 {Project 365}

Spring has fully arrived in the South. The sunburn on my face as I type this is proof.
(Note to self, unless I want to look like Mother Goethel by the end of the summer, bring the sunscreen, dummy.)

We spent most of the day outside today and it was just awesome. My girls are their happiest when outside (and swimming, still too cold for that…barely.) They are high energy and tiring them out is a full time job, a good job, but an exhausting one.

Outside pictures are my favorite, they are the most natural and the light…oh, the light!

However, I am working mastering indoor shots. Somewhat posed and/or set up, definitely “thought out” shots that do not look that way. Natural looking set ups. Hopefully…that’s my goal for the weeks to come…see if you can guess what is real and what is paid. (I’ve resorted to paying my “models” with m&m’s).

This week’s 365 shots.

And a few more…