Baby Jacob {Atlanta Area Newborn Photographer}

Okay, I am going to be honest here.

I thought I didn’t like newborn photography.

Even as a mother of two, you forget how little and fragile they are, and that scared me. And the “putting babies in stuff” kind of shots just made me uncomfortable (not that I don’t appreciate them, because I do!), they’re just not my style. And being new to newborn (ha) photography, I thought that is what I had to do.

Then, after a shoot or two, I realized that I didn’t have to shoot that way. I could shoot the way that I felt comfortable. Let the babies be as they are….and bam! I felt 100% more comfortable.

Once I was comfortable with how I wanted to shoot, I could appreciate and record that super special newborn time. It is like the whole world is you and your baby and that is fine, and perfect.

Baby Jacob is the cutest little peanut ever. Loved shooting at their home. Loved his silly big brother, funny dog, and laid back mom. Thanks for letting me record this special time, Melancons.