I don’t know how she does it. {Atlanta Area Family Photography}

Laurie and I were pregnant at the same time. Both with our second girls. While I spent most of the nine months throwing up over my kitchen sink (who wants to throw up in a toilet? eew.), she never seemed sick or tired. She was one of those “glowing” pregnant women. I thought they were a myth.

It might make sense then, that in the ensuing 3 years since we both had Audrey and Alice, she’s had TWO more kids.

She’s my hero.

Honestly, the Bolden family was so great to spend some time with. First of all, they looked like they stepped out of a J.Crew catalogue. And they were all so good and happy! I was so impressed. Impressed with how easy going their kids were, how easily they handled four!, and how much love there is between all of them.

Thanks, Boldens!