Lobsterfest {Personal}

This is my family’s big holiday. Our Christmas. Our New Year’s Eve. Our Birthday parties….all wrapped up into one big, hot, fun summer party.

My brother lives in Chicago, but has a lake house in Michigan. It is gorgeous there. They have four kids and my girls are obsessed with their cousins. No wonder….my niece and nephews are awesome. So much fun, fearless and sweet and kind to my girls.

We go every year (only excuse is childbirth and that is barely one….we still get flack for missing the year that Alice was born!). This was the 11th annual Lobsterfest. You can imagine the menu. Lobsters (duh.), clams, lots of beer, cake and Italian sausage. The activity list includes…heckling your family members, throwing people in the lake, “extreme” tubing, professional baggo and the loudest game ever invented, “Left, Right, Center”.

Some images from the weekend…