The Fairy Finders Club {Personal}

This summer has been magical.
In more ways than one.

One, I have just loved, loved having my girls home with me…the combination of swim team, camps and the pool nearly every day has pretty much chased the “Mom…I am bored” whines away. Magic. Exhausting magic, but still magic.

Secondly, the fairies have visited us. Well, not us exactly, but my parents. (They live in our neighborhood). Ella is 6 and waaay into fairies. She and my mom made fairy cookies and left them out overnight and viola! the fairies came and left both girls magic wands. A trail of glitter led from the front door to the wands hidden in the ivy. Magic.

So, now Ella has formed the “Fairy Finders Club”. We had our first meeting the other day and fingers are crossed they come back. 🙂

Some magical shots…


July 19, 2011 - 9:43 pm

Jayne Deupree - This has made me jump with joy and lots of giggles! Beautiful girls and a wonderful story to share that all may do the same thing! Your girls are beautiful and full of love and bursting with joy! I, too, loved fairies as a child…my favorite, Tinkerbell! Kate, life is so very rich and full of pure happiness. Children are truly God’s gift to each one of us. Some get it, some don’t, but you ABSOLUTELY do! And I know where it all began, with your incredible Mom! I love that in my life, I have had the privelege of knowing all the Turners, Crowleys and Parkers! Your page is one of my favorites. Love much!!!! Jayne

July 19, 2011 - 9:49 pm

mimi - It has been a very magical summer. I just finished making a Fairy Finders Club box for Ella Ann. I hope some of that glitter in the driveway stays with us forever. And thanks, Jaynie!